IMG_3826Haddon Hall, just outside of Bakewell in the Peak District, is considered one of the finest and most complete medieval homes in existence.

IMG_3849It occupies a commanding position.

IMG_3830As a medieval home it also had to have defences such as high walls, battlements and small windows.IMG_3864 IMG_3859 IMG_3850 IMG_3846It also has beautiful gardens. IMG_3957 IMG_3847 IMG_3851 IMG_3865

IMG_3889The chapel.


IMG_3837Inner courtyard.

IMG_3885 IMG_3839


IMG_3921At the centre of any grand medieval house was the great hall.


IMG_3919 IMG_3932

IMG_3910The great hall was always right next to the kitchens.

IMG_3912A large complex of the rooms, the kitchens had places for butchering and preparing meat, making dairy produce, cooking and cleaning.

IMG_3930A more modern, family dining room elsewhere in the house.

IMG_3959Intricate plaster work over fireplaces.

IMG_3948Steps into the long gallery.

IMG_3952The Long Gallery itself.


IMG_3886Stone steps worn by centuries of footfall.

IMG_3850 IMG_3845 IMG_3848

Well worth a visit!