Yes, yes, yes – sorry it’s been a year since I embarked on this jaunt and I still haven’t completed my posts on it. In the meantime we have moved house and we are now three quarters of our way through a home renovation, which has been taking all of my time.


IMG_3350After a wonderful breakfast at my lodgings, I drove to the southern part of the Peak District – the White Peak – and visited the beauty spot called Dovedale:

IMG_3358 IMG_3413 IMG_3370 IMG_3394 IMG_3374

IMG_3354 IMG_3510

I then drove to the nearby village of Ilam:

IMG_3492 IMG_3480 IMG_3478

IMG_3485 IMG_3483 IMG_3481The manor house Ilam Park is now a youth hostel but you can visit the grounds and take walks. There is also a cafe with lovely views:IMG_3447IMG_3499

IMG_3506 IMG_3524 IMG_3515 IMG_3658  IMG_3542 IMG_3521 IMG_3532 IMG_3517 IMG_3449 IMG_3508 IMG_3465 IMG_3558 IMG_3560  IMG_3528IMG_3553 IMG_3565IMG_3564  IMG_3460I then left the Peak District to visit Kedleston Hall, a grand house just outside of Derby:



IMG_3634 IMG_3607 IMG_3611 IMG_3782  IMG_3625 IMG_3592 IMG_3589 IMG_3604 IMG_3631 IMG_3595Kedleston Hall also has a village church right next door. On fact, I think from memory that Kedleston Hall ended up sort of ‘consuming’ the little village around it.IMG_3641

IMG_3644  IMG_3642 IMG_3649

On my way back to Matlock, I stopped at the little town of Matlock Bath:



IMG_3666 IMG_3670

IMG_3673 IMG_3688I had an ice cream.