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IMG_2836I began my Peak District jaunt by visiting Lyme Park, which lies on the edge of the Peak District in Cheshire. Lyme Park was the home of the Legh family for over 600 years until they passed their property to the National Trust in 1946. I haven’t seen the TV series Pride and Prejudice but apparently the spot in the photo above is where Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) encounters Miss Bennet after his swim in the lake.

IMG_2977You are not allowed to take photos inside the house so here is a photo I took of a photo…of the Long Gallery…

IMG_2874I then began my drive through the beautiful Peak District, the UK’s first national park.


After about thirty minutes I approached the town of Buxton.

IMG_2891Buxton is a spa town that has been famous for its spring waters since Roman times. In the 18th century it became a very fashionable place, even with its own Crescent built to rival Bath. The Crescent is currently being renovated.

IMG_2905Buxton even has its own Opera House!

IMG_2879IMG_2918Here are the Pavilion Gardens.

IMG_2892This is St Ann’s Well, where the waters can be sampled.

IMG_2895The water is 28 degrees celsius when it comes out of the ground.

IMG_2961Following my stop at Buxton, I drove on to Matlock, which will be my base for the next few days.

IMG_2968A view of the River Derwent.

IMG_2946This is Glendon Guest house, my lodgings.

IMG_2928I have a lovely room with a four poster bed.

IMG_2937I have a view of Bentley Brook.

IMG_2941And also the church of St Giles.

IMG_2944There is a very comfortable sitting room next door to my room. I had a very nice dinner at a local Thai restaurant and am now getting ready for a good night’s sleep. I am concerned though, as the bells of St Giles Church just rang 10, so I am hoping they don’t go all through the night!