2012-11-30 at 12-59-42On Friday morning we left Oxford to return home. Our stop on the way was the lovely Gloucestershire town of Stow-on-the-Wold. Luckily we managed to find a parking space in the centre of town. We took a walk around, stopping at antique shops along the way. At one point we went three separate ways for about half an hour – Pam to buy leather boots, Gerald to explore the Cotswold Cricket Museum and I to look at a few more antiques.

2012-11-30 at 13-04-13Above is the market square. At the base of the market cross is a plaque about the Battle of Stow-on-the-Wold, which took place in 1646. It was the final battle of the first English Civil War, leading to the end of the Royalist occupation of Oxford. Some 200 Royalists were slaughtered in the square and 1500 imprisoned in the church overnight.

2012-11-30 at 13-46-54We had a look around St Edward’s Church which sits at the top of a little hill.

2012-11-30 at 13-49-41Construction began in the 11th century but much of what we can see of the church today dates to the 14th century. It was much quieter that day than it would have been in 1646 full of 1500 Royalist prisoners.

2012-11-30 at 14-43-16The stocks still remain in a small park in the centre of the town.

2012-11-30 at 14-42-45 (1)There is a branch of Huffkins in Stow-on-the-Wold so we decided that we had to have lunch there, seeing as we had such a nice lunch at the one in Burford.

Following lunch we continued our journey and arrived in Liverpool by mid-afternoon. A jolly jaunt* was had by all!


*Sadly this would be the last jaunt taken in my car as less than a month later it was stolen and was never to be seen again. 😦 Happily though, it will not be my last driving jaunt in England because I plan to continue the jaunty tradition and rent a car whenever I need to.