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On Wednesday, day three of our jaunt, we drove from Bath to Oxford. Along the way we made two stops – one in Lacock and the other in Burford.

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Picturesque Lacock is an entire Wiltshire village owned by the National Trust.

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The village is not a museum though, as it is still occupied by the villagers who go about their daily business.

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Lacock has thousands of visitors each year and is also used as a set for period film and television. Parts of the Harry Potter films were shot in Lacock.

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Lacock Abbey, above, was used for some of the Hogwarts scenes. The abbey cloisters and side rooms were transformed into classrooms and the offices of Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape. It was closed, so I think I will have to return some day. Other locations in the village were also used, such as when Harry and Dumbledore visit Professor Slughorn’s house.

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We wandered through the streets, stopping in shops along the way.

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We visited the church.

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This is the Tithe Barn.

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Built in the 14th century, it was used by the Abbey to store the tithes from the villagers. The tithes, which formed a kind of rent for the use of the land, would include grain, corn, fleeces and so on.

2012-11-28 at 12-39-13We stopped for coffee and cake at The Red Lion before heading back to the car.

2012-11-28 at 17-14-27Our next stop was the busy village of Burford, made all the more busy because the main tourist car park was closed because of flooding. It took a while to find a place to park.

2012-11-28 at 17-12-35The reason we went to Burford was to catch up with Michelle and Neil (two of my St Petersburg traveling companions). They were almost at the end of their trip, which not only included St Petersburg and England but also Sweden and a stop in Paris! It was great to see them again so soon. In fact is was less than two weeks previously that we had bade each other farewell at St Petersburg airport! It was only when I noticed our paths were crossing in the Cotswolds that I sent Michelle a text and suggested we meet. We had a wonderful lunch at Huffkins, above. If ever you are in Burford you must go there.

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Michelle mentioned that she had heard the roads into Oxford were closed due to flooding. I called our hotel in Oxford and got information from them about how to avoid the flooded roads. We made it to successfully to Oxford in the early evening but the trip took much longer than it should have because of the traffic jams caused by the road closures.