Again, apologies for the delay in the posts.

On Monday November 26th last year, my friends Pam and Gerald and I set off in my car for our week-long jaunt to Bath and Oxford.

2012-11-26 at 16-12-04We stopped for lunch at the Gardener’s Arms pub in a village called Alderton. Gerald wasn’t too impressed with the mock-Tudor architecture. Pam and I had to point out that those beams weren’t painted on and he was looking at an actual Tudor building. (They don’t have them in Australia.)

2012-11-27 at 11-55-42We arrived in Bath in the afternoon, picked up the keys to our apartment, which was in a gorgeous Georgian building above an art supply shop in the centre of the city.

2012-11-27 at 11-57-15This is the back of the apartment. Along the footpath you can see remnants of the medieval city walls of Bath.

2012-11-26 at 18-16-00This is the living room.

2012-11-26 at 18-17-55The view outside.

2012-11-26 at 18-17-48My room.

2012-11-26 at 18-18-10My bathroom.

2012-11-26 at 18-18-41Gerald’s room.

2012-11-26 at 18-18-53Pam’s room.

2012-11-26 at 18-20-00Pam and Gerald’s bathroom.

2012-11-26 at 18-16-58The kitchen.

2012-11-26 at 19-39-00It was getting dark, so we went for a walk to visit the large Christmas market that takes over the square outside Bath Abbey as well as several other streets.

2012-11-26 at 20-01-24Having only just returned from Russia the week before, I was still regretting the fact that I didn’t buy a Russian matryoska doll as a souvenir. Then in the distance I saw a stall…

2012-11-26 at 20-06-23A stall with hundreds of genuine Russian matryoska dolls! I had to think about it overnight, but the next morning I went and bought one. That way it would be a souvenir of two trips – the one to St Petersburg as well as this one.

We had dinner at a local restaurant called Raphael, which I can heartily recommend.