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In Roman times, York’s Stonegate was called Via Praetoria and was the city’s main thoroughfare from the River Ouse up to the basilica. The road got its present name as it was used by the builders of York Minster to transport the massive blocks of limestone from their landing place on the river.

It is now an elegant shopping district. You can see the central tower of York Mister in the background.

There are pubs, jewellers, cafes and antique shops.

Bettys has a small outlet in Stonegate – a little sister to the flagship building in St Helen’s Square.

Stonegate was also home to Guy Fawkes.

For most of the day Stonegate is pedestrianised but first thing in the morning the street is full of trucks and delivery vans.

Unfortunately the overhanging buildings and trucks do not mix well.

The little statue of the Devil relates to the fact that Stonegate was once home to York’s printers and booksellers. The devil was blamed for any spelling errors in the type.

If you walk a short way down Coffee Yard you come to Barley Hall. On this site builders discovered remnants of a 14th century house and so it was decided to recreate the house using traditional building techniques.

The floor here in the Great Hall was one of the original features discovered.