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Last Wednesday morning I visited the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. Situated on William Brown Street, the Gallery was opened in 1877. It holds the largest art collection in England outside of London.

The Walker features art from Medieval times right through to the modern day.

It houses an impressive Victorian art collection.

There’s a Stubbs.

It has a stunning collection of Pre-Raphaelite works.

Here is ‘Echo and Narcissus’ by Waterhouse.

The modern galleries.

That’s a musical toilet in the middle.

There is a grand sculpture gallery.

This is Gibson’s famous ‘Tinted Venus’ so-called because the marble has been painted in the way that Greek statues would have been originally presented.

It wasn’t popular with the nineteenth century public, who considered it lewd.

I had a pot of tea and a slice of cake in the tearoom and then made my way out. The sun was shining by then and St John’s Gardens looked lovely with all of its Spring growth – a splendid morning!