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After breakfast, Michelle and I took a walk up the hill to the southern outskirts of Zermatt.

This was our first overcast day in Switzerland.

I might make this next year’s Christmas card.

We admired the scenery and tried in vain to get one last shot of a cloudless Matterhorn. It was not to be.

We said goodbye to our lovely hotel and took a train from Zermatt to Geneva, changing at Visp.

While Michelle did some laundry I took a walk around Geneva. This is the medieval clock tower that was once part of the castle defences of the city. Until the mid 1800s the entire city was fortified with a massive star-shaped set of bastions and walls. They were no longer needed after the Swiss federation and were demolished after 1850.

Once again I was in search of the Jet d’Eau. We had seen it from the train as we approached Geneva so I was confident of getting a good shot. I saw it again from a bridge but it was too far for a decent photo. When I arrived at the bridge called Pont du Mont Blanc, guess what happened. No Jet d’eau! Apparently in winter it is turned off at 4pm.

This is the Ile Rousseau, dedicated to the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of Geneva’s most famous citizens. It has recently been refurbished and I stumbled upon the opening ceremony. In 2012 Geneva is celebrating the 300th anniversary of Rousseau’s birth.

This is his statue.

I continued my explorations and found the Brunswick Memorial. The Duke of Brunswick died in Geneva in 1873 and left a large sum of money to the city on the condition they build him a great memorial. It reminded me of the Albert Memorial in London’s Hyde Park.

Our hotel in Geneva this time is perfectly adequate, though we are not convinced of its four star rating. Compared to other places we have stayed it is quite devoid of character. I have a nice view of a church.

The bathroom is good but is separated from the room only by a glass partition. It doesn’t provide much privacy for people who are sharing a room. I guess we have been spoiled by our other accommodation on this trip. I know, it’s just awful, isn’t it? Poor us!