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We began the day with breakfast at the Montana. The champagne is in a bucket to the far right.

We were up so early that you can see it was still dark outside. We had to be ready for our biggest challenge yet – three different trains to our next destination, one of which involved a seven minute transfer to another platform. Due to Michelle’s brilliant planning it worked out perfectly, and we were in St Moritz just after 1pm.
The train ride was beautiful – especially from Chur to St Moritz.

St Moritz is in a lovely setting – the lake as you can see is completely frozen over and they will be using it for a horse race next weekend.

St Moritz is very much a place for skiers and Russian oligarchs and their wives. The town is compact and has a large number of modern buildings so it lacks the charm of other Swiss towns we have seen so far.

The natives.

The main street.

The church.

The town hall.

We stopped at Hanselmann for coffee and cake.

Crisp apple strudel. One of my favourite things.

I also bought some Swiss chocolate. Not the goat though.

This is the hotel. See the green sign in the middle of the picture that says Steffani? Just above that are two windows  – that’s my room!

This is my balcony view. Magnificent.

Inside. Very comfortable.

The view at night. Minus 10 degrees celsius. The concierge said it was minus 25 in the countryside outside St Moritz last week.

We had dinner at Hauser, which is actually owned by an Australian. That’s why they had something called the Roo Bar and had kangaroo and Australian wines on the menu.

We didn’t sip any Napoleon brandy though. If we did we would probably have got our lips wet. Ann O’Dyne will know the reference. Others of you will too, no doubt.