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Greetings from the Art Deco Hotel Montana, Lucerne! That’s me waving from the far right window, second floor. In fact, that tree is in the way.

This is my room.

From another angle.

This is my balcony and view of Lake Lucerne.

Just spectacular. Much better than my view of the light-well yesterday in Bern.

We began the day in Bern, where we caught the 9:00am train to Lucerne. We left our suitcases at the hotel and then took a walk along the lake shore into the old town.

We have had great weather – clear blue skies and no precipitation. Only about minus 2.

When we reached Kapellplatz there was a big commotion. Some sort of celebration was taking place.

There was a band, musketeers firing gun salutes, a jester, two carriages drawn by horses and others getting ready for a procession.

There were also people in the procession dressed up as pilots and cross-dressing flight attendants.

We have no idea what was going on.

They all marched off into the town. To the right you can see the jester on a scooter.

These people seemed to be an important part of the ceremony.

The band then continued to march all around the town for the rest of the day. you would turn a corner and they could very well be heading right for you.

Lucerne is a very beautiful city and many of the buildings are decorated in one form or another. I will have to look up what this building’s decorations represent, though it looks like a family tree with many different coats of arms.

This one had cherubs holding diamond rings – it once housed the diamond cutters guild.

Lucerne is famous for its fourteenth century footbridge called the Chapel Bridge. You can see it here in the distance with the octagonal tower on the right.

It is still in use today. Sadly, much of the bridge was destroyed in a fire in 1993 but is has been rebuilt.

This is what it looks like when you’re on the bridge.

The roof panels are painted with 17th century scenes like this one. They tell the story of the town’s patron saints St Leodegar and St Mauritius. Many were restored after the fire and some had to be repainted.

Here is the Jesuit Church built between 1666-73.

It has a fabulous baroque interior.

On the horizon of this picture you can see the original medieval city walls and towers. In the foreground is another footbridge, this one is called the Spreuerbrucke.

We stopped for lunch at Heini.

They serve delicious cakes, pastries and chocolates.

I also went to see the Lowendenkmal – a massive figure of a dying lion carved into the sandstone cliff face.

It is a monument to the Swiss Guards of Louis XVI of France who defended his palace against the revolutionaries. The guards who did not die in the battle were executed by guillotine. The carving was unveiled in 1821. You can see the lion is pierced by a broken arrow and is in the throes of a painful death. It is very moving.

We then spent the evening at the hotel. We had a drink in the piano bar and then had dinner in their beautiful restaurant. This is the sunset view from my balcony.