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The London Transport Museum was great.

It told the story of transportation in London, from sedans to the horse and cart, the omnibus, the horse drawn tram, trains, the underground railway, buses and so on.

It’s a great museum. Unlike most museums in London though, you have to pay an entry fee for this one, but I think it’s well worth it.

There was a great collection of vintage London Underground posters.

I didn’t like the creepy mannequins.

I just don’t understand why they do it.

The museum also looks at the future of transportation in London. Next year the Emirates Air Line will be the newest public transport link in the city. The urban cable car system will cross the Thames joining Greenwich to the Royal Docks area.

There is also something called Crossrail coming. You can click on the above picture to make it bigger and read about it.

I also went to the theatre in London. I saw The Lion in Winter starring Robert Lindsay and Joanna Lumley and Death and the Maiden featuring Thandie Newton. It was a shame because The Lion in Winter was a sell-out and the theatre was full and I actually thought it was a bit disappointing, whereas there were only sixty-odd people at the Harold Pinter theatre to see Death and the Maiden, which I thought that was a superior play and production.

The highlight of my trip to London was the Postmodernism exhibition at the V&A. Just brilliant. The V&A really does curate good exhibitions and they tell a story very clearly and with such flair.

I also went to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

It’s part Christmas market, part fun fair. There’s lots of mulled wine and German sausages to be had. It’s more fun at night when all the lights are on. You can see pictures here.

My favourite thing was the singing animated moose head. He sings carols with a thick German accent and then does comedy monologue material between numbers.