I took some exterior shots of the apartment yesterday. Usually when I arrive at new accommodation I take photos of every room before I have a chance to mess them up. As I arrived late on Tuesday night I failed in this customary step.

Here is one end of my street – the Via Capo d’Africa. That’s the Colosseum in the middle of the picture.

Looking in the other direction. At the end of the road is the Quattro Coronati, a 4th century basilica.

That’s my building, drenched in the late afternoon sun. My apartment is right up the top with the balcony and the TV aerial on top.

The front door.

The hundred year old elevator. I always make sure I have my mobile with me when I use it. It barely fits me and my suitcase.

Now for my MacGyver moment.You should be able to see in the above photo that the shower head is designed to sit in the little holder in the lower left side of the photo. Unfortunately for me that’s about elbow height, so I found myself almost having to sit in the shower basin in order to get my head wet when I showered.

I made the shower usable with two elastic bands and a teaspoon. Pretty cool! Eat your heart out MacGyver!