Well, the picture’s actually evening! This is the view of the Colosseum from my apartment’s balcony.

No champagne before take-off on the flight to Rome and as it was still early they only served afternoon tea – small sandwiches and scones. It’s certainly not like the long-haul business class flights from Australia. Then again, you are only up in the air for two hours. I had a window seat on the right of the plane, which meant I had views of the Swiss and Italian Alps as we flew over them and then a spectacular sunset of orange and purple.

Rome Airport took a while with the baggage – so long that by the time it comes out you’re just glad it wasn’t lost! That must be the Italian way. The airport didn’t have the signs to the meeting place for my driver that I had hoped but we eventually found each other.

Getting ready now for my first full day in Rome!