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Here we are in the British Airways Club Lounge. I had an accidental peek into the First Class Lounge but they have lots of discreet curtains so you can’t spot the celebrities. Here in the Club lounge, which is enormous and quite full by the way (but nothing like the main floor of the terminal), I have about twenty minutes before I need to board. Terminal 5 is, according to Wikipedia ” the largest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom”.  Apparently in can take twenty minutes to get some departure gates here. Terminal 5 is the exclusive global hub of British Airways and can handle 35 million passengers a year.

This lounge has plenty of hot food at the buffet but unfortunately I am not hungry at the moment – OK I just had some blue cheese and a bread roll but more out of a sense of duty than anything else. The midday glass of wine has long worn off so now I’m having a glass here. I presume there will be decent food on the Rome flight – and if my memory of business class is correct I should be offered a champagne and warm nuts before take off (now, now Andrew).  I’ll tell you about the flight tonight. Arrivederci!