Our first stop on day three was the small town of Ambleside. English people tend to be a little pessimistic about the weather – we were told by just about everyone that the Lake District would be wet and rainy. Instead I got a little sunburnt.

There are many shops and galleries in Ambleside and it’s a very pleasant place to stop. Here by the bridge at the site of one of the old corn mills is the cafe where we sat under the shade of those umbrellas and had lunch. I had a great toasted sandwich with juicy fresh ham, sharp tasting cheese and a sweet and spicy apple relish – delicious! Also a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The cafe was called The Giggling Goose.

We had a little look at Bridge House.

If you want, you can click on the above image to view it larger.

We continued on to the village of Grasmere. Grasmere is famous for its associations with the poet William Wordsworth.

He is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard.

This is Dove Cottage, where he lived.

Again – you can click on this picture to make it bigger.

Grasmere is very pretty.

It is also the home of the famous Grasmere Gingerbread.

The gingerbread is a bit like cake and a bit like bread, but nothing like a gingerbread man, which is crunchy. They didn’t sell gingerbread men.

I liked this house.

Later in the afternoon we drove out to look at the Langdale Pikes (they’re the mountains).

It is still very much working farmland.


In the evening we drove to a tiny hamlet called Crook where we had dinner at the Sun Inn. It was a very old little country pub with low-beamed ceilings and they served wonderful food.