Righto. Sorry for the break in transmission but my computer died on Sunday, which means we have been without the internet since then. All OK now though!

What did we do Sunday? Well, I had been feeling a bit unwell the week before we came up to the Lake District but I had insisted on departing on schedule. Unfortunately I was getting a bit worse by Sunday so we decided to take it easy and see if I got any better. I was on some antibiotics and we were waiting to see if they were taking effect. We played Monopoly and Mark won. We read the newspapers and Mark ploughed through his novels at a rate of knots. In the evening we walked into Bowness from Meadowcroft and had some dinner. By the evening I was getting better so that was a relief! In retrospect we should have probably delayed our holiday by a day or so to give me some time to rest up (which by the way was Mark’s idea all along – yes dear – you were right!).

More tomorrow!