Formby is a town about half an hour’s drive from Liverpool. On Monday I took my Australian visitors there to a local high high school as they were on an educational tour of Ireland and the UK.

Formby is also the birthplace of Oliver and Ruby!

While my friends were touring the school I spent an hour or so visiting the National Trust nature reserve.

The pine forest is the home of the endangered red squirrel.

I searched high and low but didn’t spot a squirrel.

I found a rabbit though!

Some nice wildflowers too.

You then move out of the pine forest towards Formby’s famous sand dunes and coast.

The dunes are constantly shifting and the coastline is under threat. Formby itself is about half a metre below sea level and is therefore vulnerable to rising sea levels.

It was a beautiful summer’s morning. Some people think that all beaches in England consist of big pebbles but I can assure you there is also lovely squeaky sand in places like Formby.

It was very popular that morning as you can see.

Sand and water as far as the eye can see.