Today Mark and I took the bus to the hilltop village of Eze.

You walk up through the winding footpaths of the medieval town.

At the top you enjoy the most spectacular views on the Riviera.

Here’s the baroque church.

Finally I could take a photo inside!

And here’s the view from the very top of the original fortress.

Mark bought me some sunscreen today (I hadn’t anticipated so much sun as the forecasts were for cloud and rain, so I thought my hat would be enough) and it’s working. I am starting to peel a little though…but at least I don’t look as much like a lobster as yesterday. We also went to Galeries Lafayette (department store) and bought a very fashionable men’s summer scarf to help shield my neck from the sun. It looks rather dashing.

We will have dinner tonight in the old town and then we’ll return to the UK tomorrow. Next time I blog we will be home!