Today I took the train to Cannes. Australians will be relieved to know that in Cannes they have actual sand on the beach. Australians will be equally outraged to discover that you can’t just lie on the beach wherever you want. Up and down the seafront there are fenced off plages and you need to pay for the privilege of entering. There is, however, waiter service.

Cannes is famous for its glamoreause hotels like the Carlton…

…and the red carpet moments of the Cannes Film Festival.

It also has a wonderful old medieval hilltop town. Here I stumbled upon yet another antique market.

I climbed up the narrow winding streets.

I went right to the very top to see the church and its bell tower.

There were great views from up there.

After lunch I took a boat trip to the island of St Honorat. St Honorat was a place of pilgrimage in the middle ages and home to a monastery since the year 410.

The monks make wine and other products. Here I have accidentally wandered into the “monks only” vineyard.

On the other side of the island are the ruins of the 11th century fortified monastery.

The monks still request you are silent when you explore the building.

From the top you can see the present monastery.

It was a very tranquil place.

In other news, Mark is now here with me!

Oliver and Ruby are in their maximum security luxury cattery and I will post photos as soon as they become available.