Today I took the train to the picturesque town of Menton, which lies close to the Italian border.

I had a coffee and then came across an antique market.

It’s a gorgeous place. I walked up through the narrow stepped streets to the church.

Then I went to Monaco.

How’s that for a vertical city? Are cliffs really that stable? I would appreciate it if an engineer or geologist could please reassure me. I mean, they’re cliffs because large chunks of rock have fallen away, aren’t they? What’s to stop more rock falling? I have been wondering about this a lot as I see houses, churches, castles, skyscrapers, even whole towns perched on bits of rock.

Here is the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Darn, I forgot my tuxedo so I couldn’t go in.

Monaco is beautiful, spotless, perfectly manicured, somewhat claustrophobic and not designed for pedestrians. All those hills! That’s why everyone needs a Bentley with a driver. I didn’t see a single celebrity, I was hoping at least for Shirley Bassey.

Despite my lack of a tuxedo I had lunch at the Cafe de Paris. That’s Guy my waiter and the Casino is behind him. To the right is the Hotel de Paris.

This was my entree.

This was my main. It’s squid ink tagliatelle and scallops. As it was only lunch I skipped dessert.

This evening I thought I’d eat in so I bought a baguette, hummous, tzatziki, some smoked salmon and brie and made a little picnic at home. For dessert I had a raspberry tartlet. OK I had two of them.