Well, here I am at the airport.

Check-in was fine and security very quick, which of course means you get through to the Departure area and find out your plane is running an hour late! Not to worry. I have a cappuccino and have bought some internet time.

I am flying Easyjet for the first time and if what I see on those airport reality TV shows is correct, a late plane means hoards of drunken Brits staggering to the gate when the call to board finally comes through. They have to pass the time somehow, don’t they? Granted it is only 9:30 in the morning but I am in an airport bar and there are people drinking pints of beer whilst I sip my coffee.

The latest news is that Mark has been a bit poorly the last couple of days, so we decided to change his flight to a later date. Our experience in the past is that Mark can end up with a nasty chest infection if he doesn’t stop and take it easy, so we opted for me to go on ahead to Nice and he will join me later in the week. This has also meant that Oliver and Ruby have a few days’ reprieve from prison the luxury boarding cattery.

More to follow.