While Hyde Park

is still looking quite wintry,

there are definite

signs of Spring!

I enjoyed the Dulwich Picture Gallery yesterday.

The Rockwell Exhibition was very interesting. While people tend to think of Rockwell as an illustrator (for such American magazines as The Saturday Evening Post), each of those illustrations is actually an oil painting. A master of realism in a century that valued abstract art, Rockwell’s work is often seen as sentimental and a little treacly but I was impressed with his humour and technique. In later years he actually became quite political in his work, particularly concerning the Civil Rights movement. There were many paintings in the exhibition as well as hundreds of framed Saturday Evening Post covers.

Afterwards I went to the Whitechapel Gallery. I misuderstood about the This is Tomorrow exhibition – it wasn’t a restaging, rather an exhibition of archival materials about the exhibition. It was interesting anyway a plus there were other exhibitions as well. I also had a wander down Brick Lane – no market though on Fridays.

I then had time for a visit to The National Gallery before dinner. The Rivals at the Theatre Royal Haymarket was excellent and Penelope Keith was wonderful. I didn’t fall asleep as I have been known to do after a busy day. This was partly due to the triple espresso I had before I went in but mostly due to the play itself.

What’s on the agenda for today? I am planning to spend most of the day in and around Marylebone (that was orange in Monopoly if I remember correctly?). Mark and I had our Civil Partnership ceremony in the Old Marylebone Town Hall just over two years ago.

I’m going to start by walking up to St John’s Wood (home of the famous Lords Cricket Ground) to wander around Alfie’s Antique Market. I’ll probably have a spot of lunch while I’m there (they have a cafe on the top floor). I then think I’ll go to Marylebone High Street. At 2 o’clock there is a guided London Walk scheduled: Old Marylebone Village. I highly recommend London Walks – they are informative and interesting and really show you hidden parts of London. I’ve probably done five or six London Walks now.

Tonight I’m not sure where I’ll have dinner but I want to be near Trafalgar Square as I am going to see The End of the Rainbow at The Trafalgar Studios. It is a play with music about Judy Garland’s last shows in London in 1968 a few months before her death. It has excellent reviews.