Many Liverpudlians insist that it never snows in Liverpool. This was our back garden last night. Three or four inches of snow fell quite quickly around 9:30pm.  We were sitting in the living room with our friends Dmitri and Myra having martinis and left over sushi from the party (which was a wonderful success by the way) when our neighbour Dan rang our doorbell. The snow was falling rapidly in great big flakes.

The view from our front door. The thing I love about snow is how quiet it is – it makes no noise when falling and then it makes the world very still and calm. The sky also gets a pinkish-orange hue which is just lovely.

Looking down the street.

Our house looking all warm and cosy inside.

I think I have the photo for next year’s Christmas cards!

The young daughter of another neighbour had lost her glasses in the street while playing with the snow. While I was setting up my tripod and taking these pictures I noticed the arm of a pair of glasses sticking out of the snow – they were very grateful that I had found them.