On Monday afternoon I visited Liverpool Cathedral with Michelle and Margaret. Liverpool Cathedral is the world’s largest Anglican Cathedral. Designed by Giles Gilbert Scott (who is also famous for his iconic English red telephone boxes) the cathedral was built between 1904 and 1978.

The front door.

A window.

Looking up to the vault below the central bell tower.

The floor was due for its annual polishing the next day.

Michelle and I took two elevators to the level above the central vault. Here are housed 31 tons of bells – the highest and heaviest in the world.

It was then just a matter of 108 steps to the top of the tower – 331 feet above the ground.

It is the best view of Liverpool and we were lucky to have a perfect day to view it. It was cold but clear, with very little wind.

The shadow cast by the cathedral is quite something. In the distance you can see a building in the shape of an inverted funnel – that’s the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, which is Catholic.

Looking towards our house, which is somewhere in the mid-distance among all those trees (about a half an inch below the horizon).

On the way back down we stopped at the “third” floor for views into the cathedral.

Looks a lot more than three floors up to me.