Today Mum and I drove to Chester, which is about 40 minutes from Liverpool. Chester is an ancient place – the Romans called it Deva Victrix and built a city wall. It was one of the last cities to fall to the Normans and still has the best preserved city walls in Britain.

This is the Eastgate clock – so named because it sits over the east gate of the city.

It’s a wonderful Victorian confection.

Chester is famous for its central shopping streets and “The Rows” – double storied shopping arcades dating back to medieval times.

It’s a wonderful place.

The Town Hall.

Chester Cathedral.

We stopped at Chatwins Tea Rooms for lunch. I had a lovely conversation with an old lady who has been going there every day for forty-five years. She had a massively heavy mid-twentieth-century camera around her neck, which she says has kept her upright for all that time.

Abbey Square – complete with a vicar having his lunch (lower left hand side). Later he stopped to talk to one of his parishioners.

Abbey Square has numerous Georgian houses. The house on the right, though not Georgian, is for rent.

Another view of the Cathedral.

Mum up on the city walls, with the Cathedral in the background.

More of “The Rows”.

See how there are ground-level shops, then a balcony above with more shops? That’s what “The Rows” are. They are unique to Chester, which makes it hard for historians to work it all out.

The Cross. The Town Crier still makes his proclamations from here.

Some more rows.

Here in an excavation of the Roman amphitheatre.

The painting on the wall gives you an idea of how it may have looked.

We walked down to the River Dee where we took a cruise.

The Queen’s Park pedestrian bridge.

Some of the beautiful houses along the River Dee.

I’ll have that one.

Maybe that one.

Very expensive insurance apparently – potential for flooding…

The River Dee bridge.

It was a gorgeous summer’s day and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

I wonder how Mark will react when I tell him we are moving to Chester.