In case you missed John’s comment from my last post, he writes:

“Can’t help it. Mention of Ghent always reminds me of Robert Browning’s poem ‘How they brought the good news from Ghent to Aix’. My apologies to Mr Browning:

They sprang on the bus, did Mark and did Scott
Scott sat, Mark sat, and they pondered their lot;
“Good speed!” thought the pair, as the coach trip began
But “speed” ain’t the thing that a big bus can;
With Spaniards so noisy, and children that stink
They sat on the bus, their hearts they did sink.

Not a word to each other, there wasn’t the space
Neck by neck, side by side in that cramped little place;
Scott turned in his saddle, and girded his loins,
Then drew in his breath as he counted his coins:
“Do you think, fellow trav’ler, to get out of this scrape,
We could ask them to stop, to make good our escape?”

“A train or a plane, these are things we could catch
To speed us away from this tourist mismatch;
Eleven more hours, the whole day just about
Of this cramped little seat, I wanna get out!
What on earth were we thinking to get on a bus,
We’re elegant gents, first class flyers – that’s us!”

Full many hours later it did end, their torment
As the bus and its passengers reached stately old Ghent
They stretched and they groaned and they all tumbled out
Of that cramped little bus, that mobile redoubt.
Good news of Ghent though, alas there is none
Except for the fact that their visit is done.”

Isn’t it great? Thanks Dr John – we’ve never had a poem written about us before! PS. Orlando says hello, he misses your chiropractic techniques.