I have been trying to ignore my sore throat for a few days now, but it has developed into an infection. I usually end up with tonsillitis but this time it’s pharyngitis. Another trip to the doctor today, this time for me. I now have antibiotics and am feeling better already. I spent the morning resting until the doctor’s appointment, and this afternoon we’ve been taking it easy.

For lunch we walked to the Cafe Americain at the Amsterdam American Hotel. Most people sat outside on the square (Leidseplein).

We, instead, opted for the coolness of indoors and the spectacular Byzantine-inspired interior.

Very elegant.

It’s variously called Art Deco (but it’s earlier than that) or angular Dutch Art Nouveau, which seems more appropriate. It also has Arts and Crafts elements. The hotel dates from around 1900. The stained glass windows are beautiful. It feels like you’re inside a Tiffany lamp.

The food was good too – it’s important to keep up your strength when you’re not well.