This morning Mark’s cold continued to worsen, so we sought out a doctor. We again visited the Bloemgracht, this time for medical assistance. Mark was given a prescription for antibiotics, as his colds sometimes develop into bronchitis. We had an early lunch and Mark went back to the apartment to rest up.

I visited the Royal Palace, which is nearing the end of its renovations. It was very grand and beautiful – carpets, wall coverings, even the paintings looked brand new. I didn’t take my camera in, but you can learn and see more here.

I then wandered into the old quarter around the Oude Kerk, which is also the red-light district. In the shadow the old church the prostitutes stand in windows beckoning to passers-by.

Right outside the church is a statue about being respectful to sex-workers.

This is the Waag, the first stone of which was laid in 1488. It formed part of the original city walls of Amsterdam.

It was a very hot day today, so I went in search of a pleasant respite.

Through a little gateway you enter the Begijnhof – a secluded courtyard which was originally a beguine, which is a bit like a convent.

It now has many private residences.

And a church – the English Reformed Church.

This evening we had dinner outdoors in a beautiful street called the Herenstraat at Seasons restaurant. It’s almost 11pm now and it’s still a very warm evening.

If Mark is feeling a bit better, tomorrow we are going to visit Bruges and Ghent in Belgium! I foresee chocolate.