Today I drove to Edinburgh to cat-sit Cassie and Sirus, two gorgeous silky black cats.

I left home at about 10:30am,  just after a company installed five industrial fans and three dehumidifiers in the lower ground floor to help dry it out. All of the skirting (base) boards will need to be replaced, as well as three doors and the carpet. Then it will need to be repainted. It may take two to three weeks to dry out before we can start. Don’t worry Mum – it will be finished before you get here!

Anyway, the drive was quite nice, especially through the Lake District and then the last forty or so miles when you get off the big freeways and start driving through little Scottish towns and villages.
I arrived around 3 after four hours of driving plus a lunch stop. I brought my suitcase in and introduced myself to Cassie and Sirius, who were most welcoming considering a complete stranger just walked into their house. I then took the bus the two miles into town and got off in the Princes Street area.

Edinburgh is a stunningly beautiful. This is Edinburgh Castle from the Princes Street Gardens.

A carousel.

The most exquisite smelling roses.

Looking towards the Old Town.

The Scott Memorial – 200 metres high, so I didn’t bother trying to climb it.

The Scott Memorial plus another important building. I will tell you the name of it when I find out.

Georgian lamps and doorways in the New Town. The New Town is late 18th century, so I’m looking forward to exploring the Old Town tomorrow.

It was very warm and sunny so I had a pint at The Kenilworth, a renowned pub on Rose Street. I then had dinner at a very nice Turkish place. Came back and spent some time with the cats. Gave them some prawns – the fastest way to make friends.

It’s about 10:30pm and it’s still light outside, but time for bed!