Just another day of horrid English weather. I mean, just look at it. You can see why the Brits complain so much all the time. Fair enough, you wouldn’t have a T-shirt on today, though I saw many people who did, but this is sunshine you can actually sit in without fear of getting sunburnt in four and a half minutes. Perfect for my delicate skin!

Today is a public holiday, though they’re called Bank Holidays. I must look up why – though my guess is that one day the banks said “We’re all having the day off”, and then the rest of the country followed because there’s nothing decent to do in England unless you can queue in a bank.

So I went for a walk in the park this morning.

All around the Sefton Park are these large Victorian houses, the sale of which actually helped to fund the park. Some are still homes, many have been split into flats and two or three are hotels.

The gothic water fountain at the end of the lake.

Spring blossom. Unfortunately the fields of daffodils are now past their prime (I should have got out here about a week ago).

A friendly puppy dog who came to say hello.

These two were far more interested in the squirrel they chased into the tree canopy.

The bandstand.

Back on Lark Lane things were still fairly quiet. The pub at the end of our street was closed, but it was nice to see they are getting into the Spring spirit with their hanging baskets.

The Moon and Pea was also closed, so no coffee. It’s a good thing we have our new coffee machine at home – Mark is addicted, and I try to limit myself to one cafe latte per day. The problem with lattes is that they are just about all milk, plus I put two sugars in any coffee, whereas I never have sugar in tea.

This is Mr Floofy the street cat. He is very friendly and soft. His name isn’t really Mr Floofy but I think it suits him. There are two or three “street cats” that began their lives as kittens on our street, and they are looked after collectively, though one man in the street pays them particular attention. It’s one of the reasons I don’t really want Orlando to wander about out the front – I’m not sure if these cats have been neutered or vaccinated. We can’t have Orlando mixing with such a class of cat, no matter how friendly they might be to humans!