Sorry folks – I forgot that I promised you the story of the ghost in Sefton Park. I was waiting until Valentine’s Day because that is the day associated with the apparition.

This is the famous Iron Bridge in Sefton Park. Just below the bridge in the Fairy Glen is a plaque which tells the story:

In Victorian times, the Fairy Glen and Iron Bridge were popular meeting places for courting couples. One of the ghost stories associated with the Bridge, which was constructed in 1873, relates to Oliver, who was from an upper class family and Cathleen, who was middle class. They were deeply in love. However, Oliver was forced by his family into an arranged marriage. He told Cathleen of the devastating news on a cold St Valentine’s night, as they stood on the bridge. He begged her to meet him in a year’s time on the bridge at 11pm. A year passed and Oliver, true to his word, arrived at the bridge . 11 o’clock chimed, five past, ten past, and at a quarter past the hour Cathleen appeared at the far end of the bridge. He ran to greet her, but she past straight through his body. Shocked and devastated, Oliver later discovered that Cathleen had died in a cholera epidemic at precisely 11:15pm.

Her dying words were “I must meet my love on the bridge at Sefton Park”. The story goes that every St Valentine’s night, at exactly 11:15pm, both Oliver and Cathleen mysteriously appear and cross the bridge hand in hand.