It’s about 8:30 and I’m on the train back to Liverpool.

This morning, after I stowed my luggage at Euston Station, I visited St Pancras Church, technically the ‘new’ church. It’s right across the road from the station and it’s where my great-great-grandparents George Brown and Emily Moore were married in 1874.

I then took the bus down to Lincoln’s Inn Fields where I went to the Sir John Soane Musuem. Soane was a very successful architect of his day and a collector of antiquities and art, which he displayed in his home. When he died he bequeathed his house to the nation on the condition that everything remain the way it was when he was alive. The house is crammed full of the most incredible artifacts – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, as well as art including Hogarth’s ‘The Rake’s Progress’ series. One of the many highlights is the enormous alabaster sarcophagus of Seti I in the lower ground floor – just the sort of thing you keep in your cellar! I highly recommend a visit.

In the afternoon I went on a guided walk of “Old Kensington”. Now such a central part of London, it was once just a small village until royalty decided to move in (Kensington Palace above). I love taking the guided London Walks as the guides now exactly where to take you for maximum effect. Turn the right corner off the busy high street and suddenly you’re in the 17th century village square or a secluded church yard.

Lots of notable people lived here – Winston Churchill, Virginia Woolf, Millet, Epstein, TS Eliot… I even walked past Elizabeth Taylor’s hairdresser!

In the late afternoon I went to Harrods and had tea and scones on The Terrace and checked out the Pet Kingdom. Fancy a Siamese kitten for £900? The ‘livestock keeper’ has to interview you and your whole household before they’ll sell you one. The fossil and mineral department was beautiful. I like quartz.

Anyway, I must tell you about yesterday – but I’ll leave that for tomorrow.