Today was sunny and clear, so it was a perfect opportunity to take the car on a bit of a jaunt.

I put on my new leather driving gloves and we set off.

Southport is a seaside resort town about 18 miles north of Liverpool (note my imperial measurements). It took about forty minutes to drive there. We were pleased to discover that you don’t need to pay for parking on Sundays! Unfortunately though, the three bookshops I wanted to visit were closed. We wandered around the town for a bit though, as there was still lots going on.

Southport has the second longest pier in the UK.

There is a tram that leaves every thirty minutes to take you to the end of it.

They also have FUNLAND!

You WILL have FUN!

Alright, ‘ave a stick o’ rock.

We found a wonderful antiques centre where I bought this:

It’s a beautiful art deco mantle clock. I’ve always wanted one with a Westminster chime. It also has a switch so you can turn the chimes off at night (which was an issue with the clock that I gave Frogdancer , but she doesn’t seem to mind!).

Having endured the antique store, Mark was keen to eat. I had promised him fish and chips, so we found a local “chippie”.

For six pounds you get your choice of cod, haddock, plaice or scampi, with chips, mushy peas, bread and butter and a cup of tea or coffee. I had never had mushy peas before and I discovered that I like them! They’re very sweet.

I will have to return to Southport when the bookshops are open. Southport also does wonderful Cream Teas, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon!