This morning I thought I would go back to Woolton village and take a few more photos before going to the supermarket there.

It’s a very pretty part of Liverpool.

It is quite a grey day today, but warming up – three degrees. It’s very pleasant though as there is no wind, so if you’re dressed correctly (good coat, scarf, gloves and especially a warm hat) it’s fine.

As with any English village, there are lots of pubs.

Trust me, they don’t serve only coffee there.

The White Horse.

The church.

The supermarket.

You can tell it’s our sort of supermarket because their trolleys have special looped holders for “Flowers and Baguettes”. Unfortunately I didn’t buy either.

I couldn’t resist buying this though. It’s a pork pie. You eat them cold.

With mustard.

Time for a cup of tea, methinks.