Today began with breakfast and a walk through Mayfair.

…A Nightingale Sang In…

There were no prices on the merchandise in this shop.

We crossed Bond Street and Regent Street (just like in Monopoly) and had a good look around Liberty:

They were having a Sale.

We bought nothing there but we had a nice cuppa in the cafe on the second floor. We walked back to the hotel via Carnaby Street. Then in Burlington Arcade I purchased a new wallet in Pickett (50% off!). We checked out of The Athenaeum after a lovely stay. We then moved to Paddington for our next two days in London. On Edgware Road I bought a beautiful new winter coat – it’s knee-length navy wool/cashmere  and it will come in handy next week when it’s minus five at night in Liverpool.

We get wonderful reactions when we tell people we’re moving to Liverpool. Most people sort of gulp and say, “Oh – you’ll be OK”, or “It gets cold up there”. It usually turns out they’ve never actually been there. Liverpool tends to suffer from people’s preconceived notions – their minds turn to post-war depression, 1980s riots, and soccer hooliganism. Only time will tell, but we’re heading there with open minds. It will, however, always be only two hours by train to London, so it can’t be all bad!