OK so we’re at the Qantas Club lounge. We’ve hit the buffet and we’ve hit it hard. We have our usual seats at the lounge – they have power points for recharging the laptops and they have a good view of the buffet so we can see when new and interesting items are brought out. The cheese platter has been the highlight so far.

I had a successful nap this afternoon. I love a good afternoon nap – I always say to Mark “I think I may have actually dropped off for  a couple of minutes” and he chuckles and says “Well, if all that snoring was anything to go by I think you had a good three quarters of an hour…”.  Clearly he is imagining it.

After my nap this afternoon Mark gave me the good news that our upgrade to Business class was successful.We used a lot of Frequent Flyer points but it’s worth it for the upgrade, plus they want you to use your points more quickly, so we’re doing everyone a favour.

On the way to the airport in the taxi I paid particular attention to the big blue sky, the eucalypt trees and the Melbourne skyline, and tried not to pay attention to today’s temperature, which hit 38 degrees celsius  (100.4 in old money). I am looking forward to London which is around 6 degrees. Liverpool on Friday night will be minus 5. A bit chilly!