It really depends. Here in Hong Kong it’s just after 7 in the morning. Back in Australia it’s a bit later on Thursday morning, and in London it it currently yesterday at 11pm. My watch is on Hong Kong time, my body on Australian time, sort of, though we had “dinner” at midnight, and my computer is now set to London time.

The plane ride was good. The food was nice, though I have had better on that flight. We were on the upper deck just a few rows from the cockpit. We had great seats by the emergency exit which meant heaps of room to do Tai Chi, not that I do Tai Chi. Slept for about five hours in the capsule seats.

The location of the lounge at Hong Kong airport has changed. It’s no longer on Level 7, it’s now two levels lower and very nicely done – they even have a barista. The old lounge is now for First Class only, and it makes sense because it had great view of the city and you could watch the sun rise.

Here’s my view of the Club lounge.

These are the groovy fabric panels behind me.

Just about ready to board for the second leg of the journey. This one takes about thirteen hours. Looking forward to our arrival in London.