OK folks.

A few astute readers have noticed my Twitters about Operation GPL. Widget in particular has been making great inroads in terms of my cryptic clues – well done! Widget got as far as “Jerusalem” – but that was only the beginning. Jerusalem is a poem by William Blake. Operation GPL, as Widget knows, is “in the final line”. What’s the final line of “Jerusalem” by William Blake? Go look it up now if you want, before you read on.

There was going to be a heap more clues and hints in the lead up to the “Big Reveal” of Operation GPL, but I need to give the game away a bit earlier than I anticipated – for I am sitting in the Qantas Club Lounge about to get on a flight to London.

Yes – London, England.

Yes – right now.

Let me explain in the briefest possible terms and then I’ll elaborate more when I am in the “Green and Pleasant Land” – yes – there’s your GPL folks.

Operation GPL is our move to England.

We are moving to England.

Mark was in the UK for an interview in May, and now he has another interview next week, and we are likely to have to make a choice between two English cities. He was leaving for the UK this evening, and at 2:30pm today we made the decision that I would accompany him.

I will give more details of the stunning, some might say foolhardy, feat of planning that has taken place in the last few hours, but here we are, about to board a plane in less than half an hour.

I’ll try and update from Hong Kong, but if not, London!

Bye for now!