Here are some more pics from the trip.

The first one was taken during our drive through the Cotswolds. We took mainly the smaller B roads for a more picturesque journey. At this point we were travelling down a narrow farm road between Hailes and Guiting Power. It crossed the crest of a hill with great views all around. I had to stop the car and take a few shots.


This one is a twilight shot of Bath Abbey, the last Gothic cathedral built in England:


Here’s a gryphon guarding Grey’s Inn in London. Grey’s Inn is one of the Inns of Court, which house all the legal offices in London:


Here’s one of the shops where the barristers buy their gowns and wigs:


Here is a cheesemongers in Jermyn Street, in the exclusive St James area of London. It was very smelly in a nice sort of way. And expensive:


Last, here is another shot of Oxford from atop the spire of St Mary the Virgin Church: