I love art galleries and I love art, especially the modern stuff. It gets you thinking but at the same time it’s completely bizarre.

Modern Art Piece of the Day #1 was displayed in the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. It’s by a Chinese artist called Liu Wei and it’s called “Love It! Bite It!”. It consists of replicas of famous Western buildings made entirely of dog chews.


There’s the Vatican, the Guggenheim, St Paul’s Cathedral all carefully rendered in dog chews made from dried up pigs ears! It’s fabulous. I think it’s trying to say something about Western civilisation and consumerism but I’m still working on it. It was great looking closely at all the detail the artist has included:


The Gallery itself is really beautiful. It’s the old Duke of York’s Headquarters and has only just opened. It’s free and there’s always something different there!


Charles Saatchi is an advertsing magnate whose collection of modern art in the nineties launched the careers of many famous New Brit Artists including Damien Hirst (you know, the one with the rotting shark in a huge tank of formaldehyde – “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”). Saatchi is also married to television’s Nigella Lawson.

Aren’t I a wealth of information this morning!